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We will help you out and guide you in having your criminal case expunged using the legal processes provided for within the bounds of the law.

Case Expungements Lawyer

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Having a criminal record is a reality of life. Unfortunately, there are cases where a criminal record can prohibit you from seeking employment, housing, and other opportunities you should have afforded. This is why case expungement provides opportunity to people with criminal record a way to restore their legal status that they held before conviction of a court of law.

Attorney Brian L. Williams is a qualified expungements lawyer who will help you out restore your legal status before you were convicted. A case expungements will erase the charges on your record. This means that all records of the arrest and any court case are “sealed” or erased from your public record. In most cases, no record of your expunged arrest or charge will appear if a potential employer or educational institution conducts a public records inspection or background check.

We will help you in:

  • Analyzing your case in an effort to expunge past criminal history
  • Exercise your 2nd amendment gun rights
  • Improve your employment opportunities

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